how to make a homemade rocket

Glue the kit's body tube to card the engine, as straight as you possibly can.
Punch 9 and much rocket 1 in your make phone and have someone keep their finger over the final '1'.
Rockets can makes be made from things you can buy at any electronics store - like a homemade can of compressed air.
Don't use too much glue.As it heats, it will become more viscous and solid.You rocket can even buy your own kit, or assemble your own by following the instructions in this video.Now you're going to need a hot glue gun, some sturdy cardboard-box type cardboard or slightly thick plastic, and a real hobby-rocket engine igniter (both control and spark).The thicker your fuel gets, the more often you will need to stir (remember the wooden spoon, not a metal one).This is the point where you can mold it, and you need to, because it will become solid within a few hours, at which make point it's just a piece of very flammable homemade trash, useful for nothing.But if you want to really make one from scratch, and it's legal, you're going to need some fuel.Buy a 1/8 inch diameter metal rod.Cut some fins from the box-cardboard or thick plastic, and use the triangle and level when rocket you affix them to your engine with hot glue. Line the inside of klaar the tube with bier two or maken three layers of sturdy aluminum foil (not that barely-there taart stuff, the real bietjes stuff).
You could homemade try searching the web for a make copy or pdf of 'The Anarchist's Cookbook'.
You will need to get the ingredients for your rocket fuel.Get a thin plastic tube about 1/4 inch interior diameter.If it maken isn't legal, then just maken enjoy one of the professionally made, legal kits.If you maken can't maken find anything, then just go through your toilet paper rolls and find the sturdiest one.Take your filled pot and go outside.Stay far away from anything flammable bier in the outdoors, like very dry grass, dry leaves, taart twigs, or overhanging branches.Mix the ingredients with a wooden spoon to avoid sparks (if you don't have a spoon, go out and buy bier one, because it's very necessary).It's surprisingly easy: water, sugar, honey, and potassium nitrate.Make sure you have everything, especially the grate, before you start.And buy Green Light Stump Remover or Spectracide stump remover.Mold your doughy fuel and line the inside of the toilet paper roll as evenly as you can.