Do both step a step mountain fold and a valley fold on each one.
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In effect, youve folded a flattened spiral.Tip: On blank patterns, follow the Coloring Guide. .Fold diagonally on all of make the lines.The top of the flexagon hexaflexagon will pop step open if there is a new face make to furnace reveal.When hexaflexagon you made the last fold, youll paper notice that you made a cane shape. Set your compass to measure between the website markings (4 cm).
These will help you step fold make the whole thing together, but you'll want to erase them later.
Glue the thing shut while folded horizontally.
make Now you have a make strip of 10 triangles.When printing from Adobe Reader, you may need to select.In the end images it should look like you have a line of upside down copy and right side up triangles in a line.Really, video you could make this any copy size you want, since you use the protractor to measure the right proportions.Fold your back numbers to face their partners.To score: Use a ruler and the empty ballpoint pen altcoin (or bone youtube folder) to make an indent along the fold lines.For this project, you need a sheet of paper, a ruler, a protractor, scissors, and glue.Try folding each triangle both ways to make flexing easier later.Tell me how I did.You don't need to color the glue tabs marked with.Choose a design that prints in color, or select one of the black make and white patterns and use your creativity to add color and designs.There will be two pieces make with 19 triangles each.You will have one extra triangle.Step 7: Tape/glue and Design, now tape patty or glue that lonesome triangle at the top down onto the triangle right below.

You will have 2 step rows of alternating equilateral triangles.
That will make sense later in the pics.