The one that Oswald faces as a boss even introduces itself by saying those who die on the battlefield whisper its name in grim their last moments: "Death".
And like 20 or 30 cars after that.
Then they find the main Marvel universe.
It seems Vecna the Maimed God maken has managed to voice salvage part of maken him, because Vecna now has big mean undead with scythes in his service.The darkly humorous Hol actually gave stats for "Death Himself" (Mortus).Notably, a one-off line implies that he's inspired the Grim Reaper story across multiple planes (and possibly planar systems) which, as of episode 67, canonically includes our own.In Maximo: grim Ghosts to Glory, make Death spares Maximo as part of a deal to stop Achille from drilling into the afterlife and stealing souls.That One bontjas Miniboss maken in MadWorld is a Grim Reaper-styled grim assassin who has a One-Hit Kill maker scythe, appears from out of nowhere when a zombie grabs you, and disappears when you hit him.In fact, the guy with the scythe was Wolfgang Krischke, adii's sound man, who had costume died of hypothermia while tripping on acid.The aforementioned Archangels Samael and Azrael often show up, as well as more infrequent appearances by Sariel, a Judaic messenger of death. Then, as Chuck Yeager maken taxis away to try to become the make first pilot to break the maken sound barrier, he's seen on the stap edge of the maken tarmac.
Title character Jenny in Geoph Essex's Lovely Assistant (like the others she meets) is the Psychopomp variation.
There's a special grim reaper, the Black Flash, specializing in speedsters (like the Flash) who would presumably be voor too fast to be caught by the normal Death.
When beings die, their bodies are taken by the Earth-Dog.Heh ha ha.").Literature Terry Pratchett 's Discworld : Death is a character in his own right, with thoughts, feelings reaper (sort of and bolognese a genuine personality.These maken dual accouterments are.Players can also choose to have their shrouds resemble.Death appears several times as a woman in all black costume wielding a knife and apparently approving of all the destruction he wrought, although Hitler is equally intrigued by and terrified of her.He soon realises maken the odd kunstmest spelling of "Izrael" is no error or costume eccentricity.Death The Endless represents "Death as a Compassionate Release The Black Racer represents "Death as an Inevitability" and Nekron represents "Death as The Ultimate Opponent".Fourth Edition states the Raven Queen (an ascended mortal, rather than Wee Jas) took him down, hard.The Pony POV Series has Mortis, the Alicorn of Death and Rebirth, who guides souls towards their final resting place (occasionally maken with the aid of certain souls who have become Angels under his employ).In " Godfather Death a poor man looking desperately for a godfather for his newborn son meets a stranger on the road who reveals he is Death and offers to be the boy's voor godfather.

Reaper, not for his own life but for the lives of a bus-full of schoolchildren caught in a severe storm.
I am certain we will meet again.
One issue of Captain Atom from the early 90s reaper explained the three as different aspects of Death.