how to make a good yugioh deck

Comes in handy various ways.
Making a Yugioh deck is very simple.
How many monster cards is best yugioh to put into a deck an how many magic, slogan trap an spell cards is best make to put into a deck.
Also use effect monsters that can review remove your opponents spell and trap cards that serve as protection for their strong monsters.As maken a result, they don't let their opponents play Yugioh and lock them out make from doing their main strategy.Normaly a basic like this is good when following buildings.That's right maken dark deck Magician Girl!Granted, those monsters were well protected by spells and trap cards.My Recommendation: I spray believe that it is a good idea to have a balance between staples, and type specific cards.Meaning you must cassis have more than 20 cards.You can only use this effect of "Satellarknight Sirius" once per turn.".The key to making a good deck is having a good balance between your monsters, spells, and traps.The trap cards that you put in your deck must be a great defensive card. They maker should be able to help your cartoon monsters defeat your foeâs monsters.
maker Iâve been noticing duelists are maker making it more complicated than it really.Plus sages stone and your golden!However, in the Yugioh Duel Links moblie app, trap cards ARE maker overpowered.You never want to brick your deck, as in getting stuck with an unplayable hand.You have to make sure there effects match your deck theme, that they are free strong version effect-wise, offensively, and defensively.My Recommendation: Use effect heavy monsters that can get rid of your opponents high attackers.Traps are OP in first generation.Downside it banishes the material.Spell cards can be used to do maker all sorts of things, like drawing more cards, giving download your monster more attack, weakening your opponents monsters' attack, destroying your opponents monsters, destroying your opponents spell and trap cards, and much much more.There are two main types of monster cards in your main deck, normal monsters, and effect monsters.For your deck, I recommend: 1 ) Try to kick out a trap/spell or two.Decks are a representation of the player, and they speak to who you are as a person.The main way of doing that is to summon strong monsters to your side of the field and attacking your opponent or his maker monsters and draining his all his life points.Spells are extremely important in getting the right deck made and their are usually 10-20 in the deck.You need to be able to rely on your trap cards for instant defensive.