cuisinart sparkling beverage maker

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beverage Insert a disposable CO 2 charger into the cuisinart open window of the charger chamber, narrow end facing down (fig.Lower the charger chamber down onto the maker carbonator head to engage the maker activating thread (fig.Keep for future reference.Tilt beverage bottle under the carbonating stem (see fig.Do not throw away these instructions.Insert your recyclable CO 2 cartridge into the back of the unit vertically cuisinart so that the cartridge rests comfortably in the quick-connect holder area (see fig. You may sparkling want to keep the box and packing materials for use at a later date.Caution Never freeze the bottle or its contents.In excellent condition sparkling and working perfectly - just needs cartridge!Remove the back cover by sparkling pushing up the lock switch, and, holding the cover by the sides, pull it off of the unit. Fill your beverage bottle to the max fill line using cold purified water or tap water.
Fill the beverage bottle with chilled water up to the indicated water fill.
Slide the safety window open using the slider button and sparkling eject the used CO 2 charger through the window by pushing your index finger through the hole provided.The safety window will automatically close and lock prior to piercing the CO 2 charger.Always fill bottle to maximum fill indicator line, never overfill.Just be sure to drink the water right awayin maker our tests, it didn't stay carbonated for long.Continue to firmly turn the charger chamber clockwise until you can not tighten anymore and the CO 2 charger is pierced.D) and push beverage bottle vertically cuisinart into the tilt head sparkling (see fig.5, before first USE, remove all packaging materials and any promotional maker labels or stickers from your.Glass of sparkling water for a refreshing, flavored soda (fig.Slowly unscrew the carbonator head and remove, then enjoy your sparkling water.