altis life best way to make money

When the first altis words spoken in the video are about "Drewski's Bum" you know it's gonna be good.
In best this episode of money how to altis make money in altis life, ill be showing you how to make money by doing a diamond run!
This guide also life serves as a tip and tricks to noob players who want to learn how to play and or snipe in arma.
Server: Altis Life UK (aluk server website: music: ddfrx - I Need.drewski Checkout my Merchandise: /2pgZEs3 PC Specs Checkout my video of it: /2phPCXy CPU: /2Suzkqd GPU: /2tDZT2p mobo: /2VmA8PR RAM: /2ExURef SSD: money /2VpCI7W HDD: /2busvux My Accessories Headset: /2H4Ulpt altis Mouse: /2Vuc1z5 Keyboard: /2XmZEX8 Microphone: /2EyV1BY USB Audio: /2XqsTIz Monitors: /2Xn00Ns Mousepad: /2Exk0p6.Credit to RavenProDesign for the intro!Server: Roleplay UK (rpuk) Server website: / music: Sneaky Snitch - Vanoss BG Music Kevin MacLeod - Scheming Weasel.Ed sheeran - shape of you - (notd remix).2500 likes for the next in the series. I will show you some really good tips and tricks on how to efficiently do a diamond run.
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Good look cocaine cowboys and don't get your dick chopped off!