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Doing so opens a toolbar below query the tab.
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Note the line (called a join) that connects the ID field in the Customers table and the Customer ID field in the Orders table.In the design grid, in the Criteria row of the Ship City column, delete 'Chicago and then type 'Milwaukee'.Note: A delete query option is not available in Access web apps.You then click the Run button to display the results.Enter your selection criteria, if necessary (Not applicable in this example).This lesson teaches query you how to create a query.Retrieve Specific Records In the examples so far, you have been retrieving maken all of the records (rows) in your table. If that's too confusing, there's maken also an icon with geometrical devices at the download very bottom right corner to click on to switch to design view.
Review data from select fields, for example, if your database has a free table with a lot of information about download products editor and you want maken to review a list of products and their prices, heres how youd create a select query to return just the product names.
The selected table is placed on the upper portion of the query design window.
On the Design tab, in zwart the Query Type group, click Delete.You see the following prompt.On the, design tab, click, run.Say that the data about orders and data about customers anime are stored in two appelthee tables named Customers and Orders respectively.In the Products table, lets say access that you have Product Name and List appelthee Price fields.Click anywhere in the column you want to delete and then click the Delete Column button.To sort the results, specify the Sort option under zelf the fields to sort.In the Zoom box, type or paste the following: Month: "Month " DatePart m Order Date) Click.In the Ship City life column of the design grid, clear the box in the Show row.

In the Append To row, select the appropriate field for each column.
This option is usually query set.
This line shows the relationship between the two tables.